**Please replace all instances in this example that include ‘cjs48@partners.org’ with your MGB ID + @partners.org**

To request access to Jabber, please contact the Mass General Brigham Service Desk and include the following information:

1. Device Type:

2. Desk Phone Number

Requests: for Jabber access should be escalated to the telecom – mgh or telecom – bwh group

(NOTE: you will NOT have access to Jabber until the above steps are first completed)

1 ) Launch Self Service from your Applications Folder

2 ) Login with your Partners credentials

3 ) Click Install under the Cisco Jabber client to install, or to upgrade if you have a prior version. Note the information i icon next to install will tell you the current version hosted in Self Service

4 ) Self Service will display Gathering Information, Cleaning Up and then complete the installation

5 ) Launch Cisco Jabber from your Applications folder

6 ) Enter your Partners User ID @ partners.org, for example: cjs48@partners.org and click Continue

7 ) You will get a popup to Verify a Self Signed Certificate, click Continue

8 ) Expand the Trust dropdown so you can change the setting from Use System Defaults to Always Trust, then click Continue. Then enter your Mac’s local password to authenticate the change and click Update Settings

9 ) You will be prompted several times to update Self Signed certs for the other Jabber servers, repeat the above step as needed

10) Enter your Partners password to login

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